No Freedom of Everything in North Korea

North Korea is now the most dabgerous country in the whole world.  Not only for foreigners but also for the native North Koreans.  Nowadays,  North Korea focuses on producing bombs in order to fight with the armed forces through out the world. Anyone who rejects the dictate of the President will die. Anyone who enters the country will also die. Actually, anyone who attempts to go out of the country will also die. Hunger,  thirst and hardship dwells in the country.

Absolutely there is no freedom there.  All the government money go to making of bombs. People are suffering from hunger and thirst but no one can do anything about it.  The powerful one are the military men. They can do something about North Korea worse or better. Nevertheless,  no one attempts to disobey the law and decree established by the dictator since they have to live.  They must follow their leader only and never bow down to another nation. Loyalty to the leader shall be imposed.  The United Nations is trying to help but nothing happened.

North Korea says that if they are touched,  then they will begin war with the UN first and the US.  If these things happen,  who can block North Korea? They have already started their plan of devastating the whole world.  In this case, where will all the innocent North Koreans go? All are very pitiful! How dreadful that day be. There is nowhere to go unless meet a fortune to escape before its too late.