Countries Having no Freedom of Religion

All nations are shouting for religious freedom. Unfortunately,  notall leaders of the nations allows its citizen to claim religious liberty. There are several countries like:


Vietnam is so harsh when it cones to religious institutions. The authorities are allowed to capture anyone who is going to Christian church that the nation persecutes. Even if the people are worshipping inside the church,  police barge in and come to drag people out and hirt them in the head or even really drag women through their hair.


What happens in Vietnam also happens in China. Some part of China do not really like foreign religious organizations that came in the country, since the nation is a Buddhist country.


Pakistan is a Muslim country so other relivious organizations are not free to come in the country.  They can establish a church but the society does not welcome them. Although the nation have several churches inside,  most people are persecuted due to religion.


Of course Israel have no other religion except Judaism.  Families must have the same religion together.

Saudi Arabia

This is a Muslim country and there are so many people who have already made effort to maintain their religion even though they can be put to death.


All religious organisations are not tolerated. Those who are caught from performing religious activities are punishable by the law.

North Korea

Any Christian religion is not allowed.  For fear in death,  netizens really do not try to follow other religions. It is better to find a good companion always for religious purposes.